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im new here

 i got all messengers.. im an insomniac and extremely active.. boredom is a silent killer.. there arent enough movies in the world to keep me busy forever.. i have been an insomniac since i was 3.. had a lot of hell happen.. looking for others to chat with.. even random banter is better than being up alone..
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Thanks for adding me!
Hey =]
unfortunately tonight I gotta go to be early, but I really need someone to talk to at night when everyone is asleep.
I have to chat through emails cuz I use my phone if thats alright, but I,d really love to have a friend for my lonely nights as well.
Add me?
Email me?

oh my name is chelsea. I'm 19. I live in so cal. Have a lot of history myself. I love love love to get to know anyone and everyone I can. I'm very interested in people and what they think and have to say.
Help me get to know u and email me??
Since its on my phone if I dont answer tonight I can answer asap tomorrow.
take care and hope to hear from ya. <3
if its someone you wanna talk to... im here... pretty much all the time. My names ashel, im 16. I get how talking to people is the only thing that can keep isomaniacs sane...
love to get to know ya
add me?
Staying up late talking to someone sounds like it'd beat staying up watching reruns of family guy.
sounds good? where can i find you?