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[01 Sep 2010|01:02am]

Well... one of my best friends sent me a worrying message (I CAN'T TAKE THIS ANYMORE! I'M TOO TIRED) and now she's not replying. I'm about to think if there really IS something wrong, and that thought keeps me awake. Ok, it's only 1.00am, but she's not like that usually. I know she's depressed and can't sleep properly. I can't call him by this time of night. Her parents don't like me, so if there's something wrong, I don't hear about it.

This is driving me nuuuuuuuuuuuuttts.
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7AM [30 Aug 2010|06:59am]
[ mood | enraged ]

I'm awake, it's 7AM. Life sucks. Fuck you!

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[27 Aug 2010|06:28am]

Good morning.

It's 6.24 am and I'M AWAKE. I haven't stayed up all night for a month, but now it's happening again. Sucks.

Though it's not so bad than a couple of months ago when I stayed up every other night. Now the problem is that I do fall asleep around 20-22pm, but I wake at 1-3am. I take my pills (Zeldox and Truxal), but I still can't sleep properly.

Does anyone have the same problem?
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Here we are again. [23 Aug 2010|02:40am]



I hate it, but tonight my thoughts are good ones, so it isn't too terrible.

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[16 Aug 2010|06:58am]

 hello everyone, its 5AM where i am now, ive been up all night despite the fact i told my boyfriend id be an hour that was at about 11pm...
i do this alot.
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[16 Jul 2010|01:48am]

 I've been staying up

all fucking night.




I thought we were happy.

Endless sleep, plz. kthnx.
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Does no one use this community? [04 Jul 2010|02:13am]

 It's two o'clock in the morning. Time is so beyond me. It's like I'm just floating through life sometimes. I doubt I'll get any sleep tonight, and if I do, it won't be anything worth counting, for simply drifting into my thoughts, only makes them seem less real, as I barely start to dream and things begin to change. But as soon as I glide back into reality, life becomes full of problems, and I begin to overthink every aspect of my life. -sigh-
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The Plan. [01 Jul 2010|04:00am]

 Let's stay up all night and do absolutely nothing productive. AGAIN. 

It's a gooooo. :]
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just turn the lights out. [18 Jun 2010|11:22pm]


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Yawnlog? [19 May 2010|02:31pm]

Hey guys,

There's a neat site called that may help some folks who are not familiar with keeping a sleep journal and want to take the first steps in doing so, or in figuring out what their sleep debt is. I'm giving it a try since it provides a little graph. Has anyone tried this before and is it helpful?
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BangBang; [17 May 2010|09:07am]

If you fancy writing some horror;

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stay away. [15 May 2010|02:26pm]


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Beautiful Drone. [08 May 2010|08:43pm]

Deeper & deeper
trailing through the mind
things appear brighter & brighter
stranger than before

So commonly accepted
my world isn't yours
A pin hits the floor
my life depends on its sound

Keep moving,
hurry your step
don't let your anger
drag you to her mess

Progressively shrinking
trailing throuh the mind
darker, way darker
over-analyzing this trapt

These fools,
medicating the blind
Funny, how I see everything
I feel it twisting inside

Five minutes ticking
take this child.
Shoot your zombie in the head.
quiet girl, you'll know when she's dead

Higher and Higher
flying by the truth
this bodies feeling weak
falling, crashing, too numb to speak

So commonly accepted
my world isn't yours
everything's a clue
Damn,logic ignores

I constantly contemplate my life,
My pain made me beautiful.
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sleepless. [05 May 2010|10:06pm]


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2 buck tuesdays [04 May 2010|01:29pm]


click here to see no. 664

click here to see no. 665

click here to see no. 666

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copywrong [30 Mar 2010|09:41am]


click here to see no. 647

click here to see no. 645

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he is listening [24 Mar 2010|08:51am]


click here to see no. 644

click here to see no. 643

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im new here [02 Mar 2010|01:51am]

[ mood | blah ]

 i got all messengers.. im an insomniac and extremely active.. boredom is a silent killer.. there arent enough movies in the world to keep me busy forever.. i have been an insomniac since i was 3.. had a lot of hell happen.. looking for others to chat with.. even random banter is better than being up alone..

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Visual Rap 2 [11 Feb 2010|09:52am]


click here to see no. 613

click here to see no. 612

click here to see no. 610

click here to see no. 607

click here to see no. 608

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Who needs sleep? [10 Feb 2010|03:45am]
        Mind is wandering.

I can't seem to sleep...
                            More than usual.


                      Maybe I'm fighting it, maybe I'm overwhelmed.           Either way,
  I can't stand to keep my eyes closed.

                               All I can do is
                  Balance my check book,
                                      Work on some art,
                                               And watch The Godfather.
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