Cryptic mind (indigoinsight) wrote in true_insomniacs,
Cryptic mind

Beautiful Drone.

Deeper & deeper
trailing through the mind
things appear brighter & brighter
stranger than before

So commonly accepted
my world isn't yours
A pin hits the floor
my life depends on its sound

Keep moving,
hurry your step
don't let your anger
drag you to her mess

Progressively shrinking
trailing throuh the mind
darker, way darker
over-analyzing this trapt

These fools,
medicating the blind
Funny, how I see everything
I feel it twisting inside

Five minutes ticking
take this child.
Shoot your zombie in the head.
quiet girl, you'll know when she's dead

Higher and Higher
flying by the truth
this bodies feeling weak
falling, crashing, too numb to speak

So commonly accepted
my world isn't yours
everything's a clue
Damn,logic ignores

I constantly contemplate my life,
My pain made me beautiful.
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